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Smart Money

Smart Money is an incentive that helps young innovative start-ups develop new business ideas by accelerating their ability to enter markets through meetings with incubators, accelerators, innovation hubs, research bodies and other innovative players.

The innovative start-ups incorporated from at least 24 months and registered in the special section of the business registration office, can request said contribution to purchase services from eligible entities, such as incubators, accelerators, research bodies and innovation hubs.

The facilitation granted consists of a subsidy up to Euro 10,000 or 80% of the eligible expenses.

After completing the activity plan eligible for facilitation, the start-ups can request another subsidy, recognised pursuant to the “de minimis” scheme if development plans are submitted where they require financing in equity on the part of eligible entities, business angles and qualified investors.

For this line of intervention there is a subsidy equals to 100% of the investment in the risk capital, within the overall limit of Euro 30,000.

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Smart Money