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Baldi Finance SpA achieved the qualification of Nominated Adviser from the Italian Stock Exchange

All-Around Business Partner

Baldi Finance SpA is a company that operates in the “Corporate Finance and M&A” sector and received the qualification of Nominated Adviser (so-called NOMAD) from the Italian Stock Exchange.

A NOMAD is an entity to which the Italian Stock Exchange recognised the ability to select, assess and present companies that are eligible, in particular “AIM ITALIA” which is the stock market with a simplified regulation that the Italian Stock Exchange had dedicated to small and mid-sized companies with high growth and development potential.

Before giving the qualification of NOMAD, the Italian Stock Exchange made sure that Baldi Finance:

  • had made a major number of transactions on listed companies (e.g. IPO or OPA, etc)
  • had provided consultancy activities on corporate finance and M&A for an appropriate period of time;
  • has the professional competencies qualified to conduct due diligence aimed at been able to declare that the audited company is eligible for the stock exchange markets and in particular, AIM ITALIA.

Baldi Finance was the 3rd NOMAD in the nation for the year 2015 for the number of assignments (out of 16 authorised Nomads) and the number 1 NOMAD for professional derivative.

Baldi Finance is affiliated with the international network of GCG Association of Advisors M&A with head office located in Zurich and is present worldwide.