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Transition Plan 4.0

The purpose of this scheme is to support businesses while stimulating private expenditure in:
  • Research, development and technology innovation to support competitiveness of businesses and to favour digital transition processing within a circular economy and environmental sustainability;

  • Acquisition of new operating assets, both tangible and intangible on logics 4.0 that are functional to technology and digital transformation of production processes intended for production facilities located in Italy.

  • Training 4.0, namely the technology and corporate digital transformation, creating or consolidating competencies in technologies that are required to pursue the paradigm 4.0.

The facilitation is granted under a form of countervailable tax credit.

Budget Law 2022

  • Extension of tax credits for investments in operating assets “Transition 4.0” until 2026.

  • Extension of tax credits for investments on research and development activities, technology transition 4.0 and ecological transition until 2026.