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Facilitated Financing




Gruppo SACE offers a series of instruments intended for export and internationalisation of Italian companies by setting out as main mission the growth of companies in Italy and around the world.

Among the proposed solutions there are a series of instruments associated with facilitated funding that are funded by the revolving fund 394 that supports 7 types of funding:

  • Capitalisation

  • Fairs, exhibitions and system missions

  • Entry to foreign markets

  • Temporary export manager

  • E-Commerce

  • Feasibility studies

  • Technical assistance plans

The facilitation is granted under a form of short-term countervailable tax credit.

Budget Law 2022

The revolving fund 394 for internationalisation activities was re-financed with an increase in the financial donation equals to Euro 1.5 billions for each year from 2022 until 2026.