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The ideal partner for a planned, organised and profitable business, nationwide and internationally.

Baldi and Partners – Lawyers & Accountants

Baldi & Partners has been engaged in corporate consultancy for more than 50 years. It is a professional association between chartered accountants and lawyers, backed by a staff of collaborators. Baldi & Partners intends to provide full assistance to its customers based on team work, specialisation and quality. Customers include businesses of various sizes, some listed in the stock exchange, operating in different sectors and located throughout Italy, as well as abroad. The division relies on professionals selected nationwide and internationally to allow companies to count on a top level service, regardless of the place where the activities are carried out.

Our professionals have given their support in growing companies for over 50 years.

The GCG companies have vast experience in providing consultancy to businesses worldwide in the most efficient and effective manner to improve their own businesses.
A team of professionals and experts are always ready to promptly assist customers to promote growth, increase added value and successfully meet their needs

Growth and success mean more business, more results, more customers, more impact and more wealth: this is GCG’s approach.