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Call for funding ISI INAIL

With the purpose of encouraging businesses to pursue amelioration projects documented with health and safety conditions for workers in compliance with the pre-existing conditions, INAIL provides a subsidy on the following investment sectors

Sector 1: Investments

  • Investment projects: risk reduction of fires, risk reduction of accidents, replacement of obsolete machines, etc…

  • Organisational and corporate social responsibility models: adoption of a workplace, health and safety management system, UNI ISO 45001:2018 certified, the adoption of an organisational and management model pursuant to article 81/2018, etc…

Sector 2: Risk reduction of manual handling of loads

  • Funding of specific machines, even based on a simplified solution that does not require special risk assessment and its reduction with the methods set out by ISO 11228 standards

  • Expansion of the series of fundable machines for hazards associated with pulling or pushing loads

  • Introduction of machines used to clean beaches

Sector 3: Clearance of materials containing asbestos

  • Removal of roofs made of cement/asbestos

  • Removal of building components such as insulation, plasters, cartons, false ceilings that contain friable asbestos

  • Etc.

Sector 4: Projects for micro and small businesses operating in specific business sectors

The following are eligible for funding:
  • Project expenses

  • Technical expenses and similar

The 2021 edition of the call for funding ISO INAIL will admit funding for micro and small businesses operating in the following areas:
  • Activities regarding waste collection, treatment and disposal, material recovery

  • Redevelopment activities and other waste management services

Axis 5: Micro and small businesses operating in the primary agricultural production sector of agricultural products

By virtue of resolution 11 of 23 September 2021, the Steering and Supervisory Board of INAIL announced the 2021 edition of the call for funding ISO INAIL through which more than Euro 273 millions of subsidies, divided based on the region, are made available to businesses that invest on safety.

The conditions of the contribution have not been disclosed yet and we are waiting to receive information on the subsidy percentages, as well as on the annexed technical rules.