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Merger & Acquisition

Corporate Finance

Business Plan and Management Control

Facilitated Financing



Non-Recurring Operations

Investing and supporting the success and future of strategic growing partners

Expanding the investment horizon

Institutional investment activities on risk capital of unlisted businesses with a high development potential.

Baldi Finance evaluates the best possible strategies with companies to maximise value and seeks the most suitable partner. During the assignment, Baldi Finance coordinates all the consultants that participate in the operation while managing dealings and defining the technical methods to define the operation.

Moreover, in this context, Baldi Finance offers consultancy to structure increases in capital and public offers for the acquisition and sale of listed issuers.

Specific areas:

  • Optimising the company’s legal structure and governance

  • Optimising the financial structure by actively managing the dept/equity ratio

  • Emergence of goodwill and revaluation of fixed assets (systems, trademarks and patents)

  • Issue of minibonds