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  • Merger & Acquisition

Financial services for the business development and growth

For merger and acquisition operations, Baldi Finance provides consultancy services from both the seller’s side and the buyer’s side, including the following:

Sell Side

  • Analysis of needs and the purposes of opening up to third parties shareholdings (accelerating the organic growth process and for external lines, the generational transfer, business synergy, internationalisation, etc.)

  • Feasibility study, definition of critical issues and opportunities, definition of the sales strategy, preparation of provisional budgets to calculate the correct EV

  • Seek ideal partners (private equity fund, industrial partners) thanks to a major network of international relations

  • Realisation of industrial plans and definitions of value strategies to maximise the value of the company and prepare the info-memo

  • Definition of letter of intent, guarantees for the seller, shareholders’ agreements, managing the due diligence phases, preparing the sales contract and closing

Buy Side

  • Preventive strategic analysis
    • Strategic acquisition approach (examining the sector, recognising areas of improvement, identifying synergies, verifying the consistency between operations and the overall strategic design)
    • Defining acquisition goals and identifying the ideal profile of the target (size, specific sector, geographical area), the investment level and funding method
    • Seeking alternatives
  • Negotiation
    • Target selection
    • Target evaluation
    • Agreement conclusion and formalisation
    • Seeking the best financing acquisition tool
  • Due diligence and drawing up the acquisition contract
  • APost acquisition assistance

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