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Facilitated Financing for the Public Administration

Baldi Finance relies on its expert team of professions to act as Assistant in the Finance Area for the relevant Entity that must deal with the conditions of the call for funding that are currently being issued.

Thanks to a customised monitoring, our team will find the right call for funding based on the customer’s funding needs and based on the characteristics of the project that is being submitted.

Once the call for funding is identified and after evaluating that the Entity has all the necessary requirements to participate, we will report it by providing an explanation on the general characteristics of the facilitation, as far as type and funding intensity, as well as the procedure to follow.

If the Entity decides to participate to the proposed call for funding, our Baldi Finance team will provide technical assistance to the customer throughout the entire procedure to be awarded the funding: from the preparation to the presentation of the application, to the reporting of incurred expenses.

Following the assignment, Baldi Finance will provide organisational assistance to create an internal work team within the Entity so that they can also follow the most complex calls for funding with due care.

Thanks to the 20 year experience of our specialists in facilitated funding and auditors of public administrations, Baldi Finance is able to allow the Entity to participate in calls for funding in compliance with all the applicable regulations and instructions received for a proper posting in the accounts.

Services offered to Public Administrations:

  • Active and customised search for calls for funding that meet the needs of the customers and that of the project to be funded;

  • Identification of the call for funding and assessment on the application to a specific case;
  • Preparation of applications to the disbursement entity thereby overseeing all bureaucratic activities;
  • Financial reporting of expenses subject to the facilitation of the call for funding;
  • Preparation of documents to be kept by the Entity;
  • Resolving any issues with the disbursement entity
  • Providing support in any second level post-disbursement audits