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  • Facilitated Financing

Competence to serve your investment projects

A partner to support growth

Facilitated financing is an opportunity to support the growth and development of companies.

Investing in growth, studying and searching for new solutions or products, developing brand image abroad, increase the potential and improve the level of service, are all projects on which we base main opportunities present in terms of facilitated financing.

The company division is capable of guiding companies towards finding the most suitable solution through preliminary analysis while supporting projects from their very initial phase.

Timeliness and competence are the main pillars of the services offered by the organisation.

The team supports the business:

  • During the scouting phase to find the most appropriate facilitation and free screening

  • During the compatibility analysis of the project with the call for funding requirements

  • In preparing the documentation and interfacing with the Organisation Manager

  • In providing assistance in reporting expenses
  • With the support for post disbursement checks

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