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The PNRR is a plan prepared by Italy to be eligible for the resources made available by the European Community through the “Next Generation EU” amounting to Euro 750 billion.

Thanks to the «National Recovery and Resilience Plan», Italy will have available Euro 191.5 billion to spend by 2026.

Said resources will be divided into Euro 68.9 billion in subsidies and Euro 122.6 billions in financing at a facilitated rate, in addition to those made available by REACT-EU which as set out by EU regulation will be spent in the years 2021-2023. Additional resources will be made available by the additional national programming for a total financial endowment of Euro 235.12 billion.

These grants will be invested into 6 different “MISSIONS” corresponding to the pillars outlined by the European Community in “Next Generation EU”:

The PNRR is an atypical plan that requires investments and reforms aimed at accelerating the ecological and digital transition of the country while pursuing greater corporate and territorial equality.

The Government estimates that in 2026, the year in which the reform programme will be concluded, the national GDP should grow by 3.6 percentage points with respect to a scenario without the introduction of the plan.

It is estimated that the resources of the PNRR will be managed by Local Entities by 35% to 37% of the total, equals to about Euro 70 billion. In 2022 Euro 8.6 billion will be already at their disposal.

It will be very interesting to see how the plan evolves with respect to the role of the Ministries and Local Administrations, as they are responsible for the realisation of the investments and the reforms to be implemented within the agreed times, as well as for the proper and efficient management of resources and the audit of the expenses and procedures, coordinating their activities with those of the central state through a control booth, especially created for that purpose.

This aspect entails major critical conditions as the Local Entities may not have appropriate facilities to complete the tasks set out in the PNRR and for this reason the plan itself requires the possibility for Local Entities to rely on external consultants.

In this very complex context, requiring technical knowledge and procedures, Baldi Finance stands as a reliable business partner thanks to its twenty year experience in dealing with Public Administrations  and therefore assists the entity in meeting the requests set out in the plan and gaining the most out of the PNRR without critical issues.