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Equity Capital Market

A competent partner for all stages that can work alongside and manage listing processes.

Baldi Finance supports businesses in all the listing processes from the origination to the after market while working as:

  • NOMAD for listing operations on AIM Italia.

  • Financial adviser for operations on all markets organised and managed by the Italian Stock Exchange.

Main stock exchanges where we operate:


  • Analysis of financial and organisational conditions to carry out listing operations.

  • Identification of market listings, operations structure and market value of economic capital

  • Planning

  • Support the Client in choosing the work group and coordinating the entire operation based on an agreed timetable.


Global assistance on all markets organised and managed by the Italian Stock Exchange.

  • For market listings, AIM Italia plays the official role of NOMAD.

  • For listings on MTA, the preparation of all the documentation required by the Sponsor according to the provisions set out in the regulations of the Italian Stock Exchange and CONSOB.

After Market

Baldi Finance ensures constant support to the client in all activities related to the listed companies during the phases after the listing:

  • AIM Italia: as NOMAD, all post listing activities set out by AIM Italia Regulations.

  • MTA obligations required by supervisory authorities with direct interventions or supervisory interventions on the preparation of documents within the times set out by regulations.

  • Management support in the preparation of financial statements and interim reports.

  • Development of managerial control systems with high IT integration directly residing at the premises of client companies.

  • Consultancy in the realisation of governance corporate models required to setup an efficient administrative body and a reliable internal control system.